Punched a homeless lady in her toothless mouth, she swallows my hand.

Date: 3/19/2019

By Arcay9

I dreamed I was in my uncle's Black Tahoe and we were at a gas station. My uncle had gone inside to pay for gas and it was my mom, my German Shepherd, my 9 year old cousin and me in the truck. I sat in the back on the driver side and I lowered my window to get some fresh air. Apparently we were on our way to Lake Tahoe to play in the snow. My mom was busy with her phone. My dog had the other window seat and my little cousin was sitting shotgun teasing my dog with a tennis ball through his window. Suddenly a homeless lady tries to steal my phone through the window I had opened. She grabs hold of the phone and tries to repeatedly bite my hands with her wet, toothless mouth. I try to fight back and scream and yell so my family members can help me fight her off but no one pays attention to me. My mom is busy with her phone. My cousin playing with my dog and my uncle is still inside the gas station store. I grow furious and adrenaline starts pumping. I start trying to poke her eyes and punching her in the throat to let go of my phone. Thinking quick, I punched her in the mouth and my hand goes down her throat. I start panicking, pulling my hand back and she's still fighting me. I kept punching her with my free hand when she subsides and disappears. My anger however did not dissipate, I start to lash out at my family. My mom could've helped. My little cousin could've stopped toying with my dog so that she could lunge at the lady. My uncle could've seen what happened. They so close to me and yet... How could they not help me? How could they not see what's happening to me? My mom doesn't take what I say seriously and proceeds perusing her phone. My cousin starts to cry. He gets out of the truck and runs away. My uncle comes back from the gas station store. I'm still angry and a horde of people start collecting around the gas pumps. Saying things like I'm overreacting and I didn't have to lash out at a little kid. I start to feel bad and look around for my cousin. I get out of the Tahoe to look for him. Nobody helps me look for him. Not even the strangers who trying to defend my cousin. I start to think I won't be able to find him and it's my fault. I ruined the trip. Dec 2017