Austin Carlile & Scary dream

Date: 3/5/2017

By mysticmusic94

1. Had a dream that I was in this house with a huge set of spiral steps and they could turn to make them even more long and confusing. I was laying in a bed and then out of nowhere Austin Carlile (a hotter version) from of mice & men comes up the stairs and jumps in my bed. We just started kissing and then we stopped because I heard my brother at the bottom of the stairs. Sadly there was no lock on the door so we didn't continue but I'm pretty sure if he hadn't been at the bottom of the stairs then we have just been kissing hahaha! 2. Had a scary dream! I was in my old great grandparents house and it was still full of their furniture and my whole family was there. It was very dark in the house and spook looking. O was playing their organ and recording something then all of a sudden my phone dropped on its own when i turned away. I was scared to pick it up because i knew that whatever knocked it over I d see or hear it in the recording but i did sooner or later. It was all cracked from hitting the floor. I went into the kitchen and as i was sitting there having my mom listen to the recording (because shes not scared of them). When she was done she put my phone down and for some reason a ton of other phones were on the table and it took me awhile to find my case. Thats when i realized it had crack. Then my phone started to ring after i found the case and put it on my phone! It was my nanas (who's house we were in and dead) phone number!!!! She answered it then on the other line it was a bunch of gibberish then you could hear her talking to us. Then she swapped the phone with my poppy (her husband also dead) and he started to tell us how he's all better and in heaven and this and that. Then when someone in the room said "omg its poppy" i started to cry and whispered "its poppy". We were all amazed and happy but it was still a bit scary. 3. Also had 2-3 other dreams that i know of but don't remember. Ex crush was in one of them.