Dreamt about an old Chinese story I didn't know about??

Date: 8/16/2017

By SashaNanaki

I dreamt about keeping a baby dragon, and I was teaching it how to fly. A friend of mine (unfamiliar face) told me that a meeting was called as they had found "it". I enter a room to see two living glass dolls almost identical with a fixed expression, on the table there was a stone kept with a spiral sort of sign on it. We sat around the table hoping the rock would hatch, but my patience grew thin so I tried to break the rock gently as somehow I knew what was in there? and out came a glittery or slimy lizard. Before we could process that, the dolls told us that we were going to be attacked right then. I picked up my dragon and headed outside, and I could sense the danger around us, not see. The floor breaks and we all fall into the sky? (a sudden realization that we all were living in the clouds) and I see my baby dragon transforming into a young dragon. The dragon thought my friends were it's prey and flew past me to attack them. I started screaming at it saying not to hurt them repeatedly, when out of the blue I see myself transported to a room. The young dragon sat elegantly on the table and looked at me as if he had brought me there. I look past it and see the two dolls tied up, the dragon walks over to them and exhaled out sparkled air which turned the dolls slowly into dust. Shocked with what was going on, I suddenly sensed the danger in the room. The darkness wanted the dragon pet and not us, I got up to save the dragon but was pulled back and out of the room, that's when I woke up.