Naked holiday and a rude date

Date: 7/11/2017

By awalker406

I was going on holiday to somewhere nice and hot. When I arrive at the hotel it seem a bit different from what I seen online. There were so many naked people at this hotel, it was quite hard to move around. I got to my room and there was a family already living there. "Umm sorry but this is my room." I said to the family. "This is our room as well but there's a spare bed outside on the balcony" the guy said. Didn't think much of that, so I made my way back to the reception to complain about my room. " we'll all over booked, sir. Everyone is sharing rooms" the receptionist said. I sighed and drop my things off in my 'shared' room. Then I was at the pool side, everyone was naked and all in the swimming pool, all standing up straight like a tin of sardines. "Sod this, I'm off the beach" I thought to myself. Off I went to find Everyone on the beach was also naked. "What kinda hotel is this?" I thought to myself. Next scene: I was in a restaurant waiting for my date to arrive, who I never met before. She arrived. She was slim in a very beautiful red dress with nice big blue eyes. I felt so nervous, as I thought I was punching above my weight. We started to talk over a glass of red, everything was going well... which soon changed. She suddenly went on he phone, mid way of me talking, and started to phone someone. She was saying how boring the date was going and started to bitch about me, right in front of me. "Fuck this" I said. I stormed out without looking behind. Next scene: I'm back at the hotel, in my 'shared' room, on the balcony. I was trying to get some sleep but the kids kept screaming and shouting, so much. It was driving me crazy! Then for a brief moment, they kids shut the fuck up, before the parents started having sex really loudly!