{2 Dreams} Party Annoyance (Mon May,29 2017)

Date: 5/29/2017

By Sorrnin

1: 18+ I am at this party and I am getting annoyed at people thinking that they are in control of my dream and I tell them no I am in control and I am telling people to go away. Then I see this guy and I say hey you come here and have sex with me and he is like wait what but he is not in control of his body and he comes over and has sex with me. 2: 18+ I am at an office and I am helping this boss guy and his assistant guy and the boss wants to fire me but the assistant guy has a crush on me so he stands up for me and ends up getting both of us fired. I over heard all of this and I knew he likes me so as he is walking to go tell me what happened I pull him into this room and ask him do you want to have sex? He says yes and we take off our clothes and he is on top and we have sex and as we are having sex, I see this guy in this other room watching us. But I don't care I just keep having sex with this guy.