happiness ,now i define

Date: 2/11/2017

By sana

It can be called as a beautiful dream ....i am at a place which is having unpainted walls ..and so many rooms i am carriying a small kid in my hand and i could see his two new milk teeth ....i was tinkling him and he was gigling i carried him and ran across all the room i played a lot then i sat on my computer to solve few questions which my boss gave ...indirectly all those questions were scientific but it seems more sexual kind of question my boss came and i was annoyed i carried the kid and continued tickling and running across the room .... someone called me when i looked out of window it was beautiful beach waves roaring ...someone was smiling at me and saying come down i will show you where i hide my secret .i looked and said loudly hey, people!have a look this is the place where secret are hidden...i laughed teasingly.