Date: 10/17/2016

By stefdrms

I had a dream I was my boyfriend in a new home and he invited some friend I'd never met before. There was one very jokey guy. I remember walking into a room. There was a party in the room. A lot of people in one room. As I was in there I noticed another guy that I felt my boyfriend knew. He was tall and blond and I saw him look at me and come at. I knew he was going to try to kiss me because he said something. I thought of I just kiss him maybe he'll leave me alone. He had a bloody nose and I tried my hardest to kiss him but I just couldn't. He started to try and grope me. I panicked. In my struggle I closed my eyes trying to push off. When I opened them again the whole room was drenched in blood. The walls the floor the ceiling and everyone in there was naked covered in blood and he was still harassing me. I freaked out and opened the door and it seemed I was at my moms I saw her changing across in her room and I thought she's going to be pisses if this guy sees her changing lol. I turn around and there no more people no party just beds. He tries to lie down on my bed and I said her up get out of here. I feared for my life. When he got up and left I thought it was over an she was gone. I went down stairs to get water and he was sitting on my couch watching tv. I freaked out and told him to gtfo of my house right now. He did because my parents were there. I asked my boyfriend why he didn't say anything. No response. I remember going about my day. I went to a shop and I noticed this guy following me. I panicked and would see him everywhere I went . I ran into a male friend whom is just in dream land . He offered to drive me and I said yes. When we got to his car that guy was hanging there with two other guys. They confronted my friend and my friend said to me let's go eat they can't bother us there. So we did. We went to go eat and wait it out. When we went back they took the doors off of the car and there was a hole in the middle of it. I was so scared. Then somebody said to him I thought you were going to rape her and I said no! I thought of I get raped maybe someone will help me. He puts me on the floor on the street and un does his pants I don't remember feeling anything but I yelled rape! And people came and beat him up but that was that no one would really help or could help me. They took me after that and I became so frightened I made myself wake up D: