I died in a car accident.

Date: 5/8/2017

By JazmineVaughan

The dream starts out in an older hotel lobby. It's pretty dark, and I'm surrounded by my boyfriends family. He doesn't ever actually propose IN the dream, but I end up wearing a giant gaudy square ring. It's composed of multiple stacking rings, and shifts it's look depending on how you stack them. The dream skips, and we're in a "car" except it is more like a boat. I'm riding as passenger, and I see that the "road" we're taking is about to curve. I tell Cooper "get off your phone, we're going to crash" and right as I finish my sentence, our boat/car is hurled into the air and free falls into a giant pile of rocks. I could physically feel the weight in my chest as if I were really dying. I look to my left and Cooper and I make eye contact before my body shocks itself awake.