Small boobies

Date: 3/13/2019

By natassja666

I remember in my dream I was at a party in someone cabin. I think I was there because it was owned by one of my boyfriends friends. I ended up getting super intoxicated and taking a bubble bath in this big jacuzzi with the owner of the cabins girlfriend and another girl I don’t remember. Maybe my friend maddy? We were wearing just our underwear. The girlfriend was older than me by quite a bit in her 30’s or 40’s and she had short straight blonde and very tanned skin. She kept smoking cigarettes and was very loud and brash. At one point after out bath we were outside with everyone drinking on the porch, which was wooden and pained pale blue. It was extremely dark outside but we had an amazing visibility of the stars, which were colourful and twinkling. Shining bright. A girl I’m not on good terms with anymore was sort of close to me, in ear shot of the conversation I was having with the girlfriend. “You have such big boobs.” She was ranting. “So much bigger than mine! I’m jealous.” I was so proud and satisfied that the girl I used to be friends with heard her saying all of that. But then suddenly the girlfriend reached under my shirt and grabbed one of my breasts in her hand. She began squeezing much too hard, and it her me. “Actually it’s not that big. It’s not that big at all.” She began shaming me and laughing loudly. I looked over at my ex friend and saw her glaring at me, smirking proudly.