Date: 6/27/2019

By leahc1127

It started off with me in a bus I was in the bus because I was supposed to pick up lights made up this girls button wedding we were getting ready on the bus and everyone was dropped off that wasn’t going to the wedding and then the bus driver drops us off at this building and I’m the only one who goes in and I will come out and I realize it’s guys money washing business and I get really scared but I need to go in this building for some reason I don’t know my purpose for this building but I’m in there and I go to the bathroom and this is where I decide to hot so I hide in the bathroom and I’m looking around and I have my phone and I have this idea that once I get like seven minutes of watching this video I’ll be able to have enough time of noise to trick them and I have an escape plan and it doesn’t go as planned I am one of the guys comes in and he turns on the light and starts looking around but then I know this is a dream this point and I make him leave the room then I go back to my house all of a sudden and it’s very strange because this is my real house and I’m in my room and then I go and I go into at my brothers room and I see one of my friends dad laying on the floor and he has a knife next to him and I get really scared and I decided to leave because I hear my mom in the next room and I don’t want her to think I did it so I go hide in my room and I wait until someone finds him and for some reason in the stream I felt like I had two other siblings are also dead and I was very confused and I went into the other room where there was this laptop and I decidedTo hide and I was on my phone texting my friend and said I think that I think my brother died and was explaining to the person the person I was talk texting to you was like oh I don’t really know what to say like I’m sorry I hope I think she’s OK though and I was very scared and then my mom came in and she didn’t say anything about it so she left and then all of a sudden the scene change to another house I used to live in and I’m really scared that the next person is going to be me because at this point I’ve had three siblings die and I am one of the last two so I’m very scared and then all of a sudden I hear a knock on the front door and it was very late at night and I start to get really scared and I’m like no I can’t do this and then I bought down the hallway down to my parents you have to tell them to go away and then she’s like I don’t know what you’re talking about that I was in here another not and that’s when I get so scared I run and lock myself in the room while my parents go and start yelling out the door at this person to go away and then after that the door opens and uncle comes in and then I wake up