The Office Zombie Apocalypse

Date: 4/6/2017

By katjbooson

I was an onlooker in the office from The Office. It was like I was watching the show on TV but I was actually there, just no one was aware of my presence. But this was a different kind of The Office, the apocalypse was happening. The characters and personalities weren't really different, it was still just funny and goofy...there were just zombies sometimes. Like one bit was Dwight's severed zombie head singing a goofy song in the iconic interview shot. I don't remember much of what happened besides that, and then I was no longer in The Office. I was at home, and it was released that the game creators had sent a hoard in out. Apparently we were in a videogame now. I had no weapons, so I asked my stepdad for a gun. He didn't want to give me one bc I've never used a gun, but I found them. I found one without a trigger, and asked him "How do you even fire this?" and with panic in his voice he said "The lever! Don't pull it back! Don't cock that gun!" So I avoided the lever thing that idk the name of. Finally the zombies came and I was ready to start firing. I tried to shoot one and knew I had gotten his head bc I had a techno sight, but nothing happened. No bullet hole or anything. So I ran and hid in various places but finally they got me. But they didn't eat me. I recognized one of them as a kid I knew in middle school. They took me by the arms and brought me to some headquarters where I was made to be a laborer for their big zombie operation. That's the last I remember, I was woken up then.