Date: 5/17/2017

By jxmxnajxo

It was not a normal cinema. Kind of like a hall of a school building . There were a lot of people sitting on these chairs. Next to the big screen on the wall were two exits on each side. I went through the right one to go to use the bathroom. On my way I noticed a suspicious man talking to someone where it got to the point that he screamed something about two girls dead bodies. I kind of freaked out and went back inside because these two girls where there after he said that. When I went inside I sat next to someone two seats away. Suddenly those two people came inside and wanted to sit there (that man who was talking to the suspicious man was blind) and I got up and went to the front seats next to someone I knew. She talked to me but I couldn't answer because I was scared. Somehow she new and wanted to go outside the door when I stood up and told everyone that those two girls are dead. Their ghosts or whatever came inside and the next thing I know we were outside running away and I had a toddler in my arms. I woke up and it was a dream BUT somehow I knew that my dream was already an asian "horror" movie. I took my laptop and started to watch from where my dream ended. I was at home (it was beautiful big btw) but something was odd. That's when I noticed that a bird with four eyes was there.. I opened the veranda door and it slowly went to a corner where it took its child and went outside. But there were a few more baby birds inside... I woke up in real life.