william / pool / driving

Date: 8/16/2017

By rembrandt

Had multiple dreams about William last night. One where he was on a date with some girl and I tagged along. The restaurant we were at was kind of weird. At the end of the meal the cashier asked if they were my parents, and I was like no they're my FRIENDS. I told them when I went outside to meet them, and they looked at me like that's weird. Somewhere later William's girlfriend had to leave, and me and William were alone having a good chummy time. It looked like we were at the promenade. ~ The other dream was at this plantation style house on this huge estate in the south or something. There was a lot of people I knew there and we were gathered on the front porch. I saw William and jumped on his back, and held him tight. It was funny but I also was really happy. There was something about walnuts in this dream, and cracking them. ~ I was at a public pool with tons of kids and also some friends from middle school. Tori was there, and I think Joy too. Some kid threw up in the pool so I got out and moved to the other end. I was talking to Tori and we were reminiscing about a similar instance that happened when we were kids/or was it from a certain episode of something? We laughed. ~ I was riding a motorcycle through what at first looked like Sacré Cœur. I had trouble maintaining speed and even the lightest tough on the pedal would make me go super fast. I was constantly breaking. Then I think somewhere it transformed from a motorcycle to a regular car, yet I still had the same difficulties. I drove through this large field covered in snow, but when I got out it looked like I was in a normal neighborhood in SM, I passed familiar gas stations, also I think I kept falling asleep at the wheel and drifting to the curb. On my way back home I accidentally went through a stop sign with a cop waiting right in plain sight, I looked back at the cop to see if he was following me, but he was preoccupied getting a blowjob from some chick wtf, anyway I was so lucky so I just drove off. I think at this point my vehicle turned back into a motorcycle. I was crossing the large white field again, and out ran a family. A fat father, worried mother, and fat son. It was really weird because they were completely naked. They were speaking Russian. I just drove by because I really didn't want to know what was going on. I thought to myself, this is some David Lynch type shit going on. I was back driving on through the cobblestone neighborhood of sacré cœur and I heard Joy say that she didn't understand calendars, that it was much easier to tell the days by... what it was, I forgot?