Kissed a Childhood Friend

Date: 8/11/2017

By toxxicduck

The first thing I remember is coming out of somewhere knowing I had just finished being in a huge Broadway-esque play and I was proud of myself. I was still in my costume, but I don't remember what it was, just having fun wearing it in public. I think I was in a high school or a college building, but the corridors were much larger, like mall sized. The people walking around had that very intent somewhere-to-be look like school people and all wore bags and stuff, so it had a very school vibe to it. I walked through the corridor feeling very chipper about the play and how well I did and everything. Then I passed near a guy I knew. Irl he is someone I knew in middle school, but wasn't really friends with, I don't even remember his name, but in the dream when I saw him I considered him an old good friend. As I passed him by I waved and said hi and was even going to go up and talk to him about the play and stuff, but when he looked at me he got a look on his face, then turned away and pretended he didn't know me. I was ridiculously hurt by this. My heart was broken. I wanted to cry. I trudged sadly through the corridor now thinking about how he betrayed me and wondering how he could just DO that. Next thing, I was on a bench in a place that looked even more like the mall, like Clackamas. The Guy I knew was sitting next to me on the bench. We were talking about how we used to be best friends in school. There was kind of a weird bittersweet reminisce-ish feeling. Then we kissed. This part is strangely vivid. I could feel his lips. It was a very very light kiss, our lips barely touched, but it was so intense! I could feel his lips moving against mine. I tried to kiss him harder, but couldn't for some reason, like there was something holding me in place. Also, I keep thinking that I might have been a zombie throughout the dream? Or I played a zombie in the play I was in, and remained a zombie? Something like that. I was a zombie.