Survival Game

Date: 6/10/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

It was like playing a game but in real life. I was myself in some parts of the dream and a man in others. The first thing I remember is that we were running down a hill and had to choose a way to go. I chose the left road. We then realized all the roads would've taken us to where we "had" to go. The place looked exactly like the ones I dream of skiing on without snow during a hot and torrid summer. While going down this path a car also went down and placed itself horizontally to stop us. I was with other people, I don't remember who they were. There was a strange black person in the car. I couldn't understand the gender. He(let's call him a he) had pumped lips, was wearing heavy makeup and had a beard and boobs and a dress with tiny flowers. He pulled out a gun and threatened me. He put it on my mouth, on my teeth. I stood perfectly still. He went on for a while, then let us go. I had like a vision of him coming back to his mates and telling them he didn't make it this time either. Then we entered a town. It looked like it had been abandoned for a while. People were strange in there. There were two soldiers, one with a giant head and a small body and another one the opposite. They told us something, like they were giving us an advice. Then we had lunch. Now I remember clearly that Stan and Sara were with me. The dishes where absurd. Past with intestines or other organs, there were three kind. They didn't look bad though. There was a normal place that did normal spanish food right behind it but no one would go there anyway so I adapted but I didn't make it in time because some soldiers were following us and we had to run away. I remember defeating one of them in a risky situation and by now I was a man in the dream. My leg was covered in cuts. Then we wen to a house. It must've had a rectangular shape. There was like a row of rooms. Soldiers were going around there. I ran to the last room while the others stopped in different rooms. It took me a while to turn off the lights and I almost broke a terracotta thingy. I finally turned off the light and (without any logics) as I worried about making that terracotta thing fall, I closed the blinds making a bad bad noise. I remember silence and voices of people outside after that. One of my friends told me he was coming to get me. A big soldier then entered my room. I failed to attack him and got beaten up. I woke up again. He was standing in front of me as I laid on the ground. The worst part is he was tickling. He told me I would've be punished with some strange thing with a strange villain-like name. But the fact that he was tickling me, physically hurt 10 times more than the others. Then I woke up.