Scary af

Date: 5/22/2017

By tjhj

So it started out normal, I had seen this little gay place across the street from me and I went to check it out. And then I met some guy and he pointed me to this place where couples go to cuddle. Somehow I ended up staying here (even though I'm single) and it ended up being someone's home. When I woke the next morning they treated me to breakfast and I learned An entire family of witches and wizards owned the home. They liked me and let me stay with them. I happened to show up in time for an important test. The eldest sister was ready to become a full witch. She and her mom went into a room and closed the door. Me and another sister walked in when we heard screaming. This older sister cast a spell that involved her wearing her mothers face as a mask. She was then extremely powerful but deranged. she attacked her sister, blowing her against a wall and killing her instantly. I RAN all the way to my room and locked the door. Well she liked my survival instinct and now I'm her freaking target. After making me see her all over the room, in the closet, melting through the walls, and other grade A terrifying shit, the rest of the family showed up and got me out of the house Once safe I saw the other sister she attacked was alive again. Scary bitch then flies out of a window, still wearing her mother's skin as a mask. The family said they were going to go get her. I followed only cause if she came back for me, I needed them to be close. The end, thank god.