learning to fly

Date: 5/13/2017

By Marcy

it was a recurring dream. I was in a park. there was a bridge, a tower, and to the left a small tent and to the right a changing room. I walked up through the tower not recognizing it very well and wished i could kiss. i was with my friends Jacqueline who by the next time i see her (at the lab) becomes gender bent, and Tyson (who i knew as Taylor the first time i had the dream and when i had it again) when i realized ive been there before i sped through the paths, greeting the mansion's statues, running past the shootout scene on the hill. minor details were different such as there being a closable plastic wall between the ravaged office and the labratory. instead of the pit of lava when i stepped through i got straight to the wall climbing. i was debated to send Taylor/tyson but he encouraged me to do it for Shelby. I passed through the first few bits ignoring the words, but understanding their meaning as i remembered how to do things i couldn't normally do. I dragged myself through it all and when it came to the point where i could fly i ignored the other students as i drifted through it all. I got back to the park section where the near end happens and looked at it almost like i didn't recognize it. i remembered the passages of texts on the walls that echoed through my head as i passed the last few settings, from me doing some ritual with Jacqueline to passing over my cousins in my aunts kitchen/dining room, to the sunroom where in the previous recurrence of the dream I fought a man in a gunfight like in a part of a video game i used to play. i questioned if it was a dream as o had a minor flashback to events of last time it happened wondering if it was true to real life, or if it was a dream again. the first time i had the dream Jacqueline wasn't there, rather a gender bent version of my friend Alex