Date: 3/30/2017

By Stampke

I haven't broken up with my ex boyfriend. Instead he proposes to me in front of a large crowd that includes all his family. I say yes, even though I very much don't want to, to save him from embarrassment. The dream cuts to a few days before the wedding and we are at a local pub. I am sitting at the bar talking to the guy I am currently seeing occasionally who is tending the bar. he asks me "who is that guy?" I respond hesitantly with "that is my fiance" with which the bartender responds "ah f**k" as I have been sleeping with him despite being engaged. he leans over and says "it's great that this guy wants to marry you but surely he can tell that you're unhappy and that is just selfish." I think this over for a bit and then touching the bartenders arm I thank him and walk out of the pub. I look back behind me and my fiance has not noticed so I start to run. I run almost all the way to the beach and then my alarm goes off and I wake up. I realised after I woke up that I had been actually panting while I slept, like I was really running away.