Wet House

Date: 4/3/2017

By Fitful

There was this house, a tall old run down thing which I rented out of. I had lots of roommates. We each had a room. But not really because it kept flooding. The whole house was always flooded all the way up to the rooftop, like it was a fishbowl. My room was always a mess too, like not just messy but disgusting. I kept cleaning it but it was always a mess. Broken pipes and a mess and the landlord could throw us out if we complained a bit or for any least little reason. I kept getting ready for company, romantic company, but it was just too much to clean. There was an old man in the house across the street. He helped when the roof accidentally caught on fire. He used a vacuum to suck up water all the way to the top. The fire was our and the landlord never even knew. It was a wrecked house really, the walls this dank slate grey. And the roommates all seemed against each other. ------ I also noticed as I was dreaming I was thinking, and I thought I was awake. I noticed it was morning and thought I hadn't fallen asleep and lay there thinking all night. I was thinking obsessively about a monster I was hunting. I kept hunting it but no one believed me. I talked and talked and talked about this monster to myself, thinking about it for what seemed hours, and I thought I had lay there awake all night. But I was asleep. I noticed I had been asleep the whole time when I woke up for real.