George and Barbara Bush

Date: 6/9/2019

By heidilore

I was in my parents old house, in East Moline. There was something wrong with the TV. George Bush came into the house and fixed the TV. My mother was pleased. My dad wasn't anywhere to be found. Will was with us. Barbara Bush came to the door, and my mom let her in. She went to sit in a rocking chair next to the picture window. I was cleaning up a bit, and looked in the piano bench. There were a bunch of checks, including a money order for 803 dollars. Barbara Bush went to the bathroom, and came back and sat in the chair again. I went into the bathroom, and there were a bunch of pieces of jewelry that Barbara had dropped. There was a beautiful gold ring that had two large diamonds and an odd star on the side. I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I came back and Will was in her arms, fast asleep. She was holding him tightly. The window was starting to fall apart and become dilapidated. I was talking to Barbara, I said her husband had been by earlier and fixed the TV. She smiled and reached into her pocket. She brought out a small black bowl, with small pieces of torn up paper inside of it. She said here, this is George's phone number.