sex tease with a celebrity

Date: 6/23/2017

By amornoir

I was with Jensen Ackles, a friend and this other guy. We were all together and were brought two time watches. Able to teleport anywhere. I was told to grab Jensen's hand as we teleported to the guys sofa at his house. It was pretty cool as we paired up and had a watch per group. Jensen and I teamed up as we headed out to a small town, walking and seeing the small shops. He noticed that there was a group of men in black suits following us. He tells me to hurry up and ran around a corner. He takes out the watch as he tells me they're coming. They were but we teleported into his bedroom. We sat there, just chatting and laughing. He then told me to sit on the edge of the bed and tells me to blindfold my self with a blindfold he gave me. He sat on his knees in front of me as i was about to put it on and saw a bit of his stripping off his shirt. I acted oblivious ,like what Castiel would be acting as, and just tied it around. He starts to put his hands on my legs and body. I then stop him telling i cant since i'm on my period. He just lays back down in disappointment but i told him i can give him something instead. I slip down his pants and start to kiss his inner thighs as he covers his mouth, trying to prevent any noise. I just slip down his briefs and tease his dick, hearing his moan before the moment was ruined. There was someone why who was peeking through the window as we got up and sighed in disappointment.