idk why I have weird real like dreams

Date: 2/12/2017

By Laysundra

Okay I was in this place where people kept disappearing but only a part of them remained like a head, hand, etc.. but they would then come back as something else like a parasite worm. Eventually I was being chased for a reason I couldn't comprehend by some guy while another guy was looking out for me and the scenery was that of buildings and a parking garage while Saved by the Bell cast was doing a reunion with the new Saved by the Bell cast who had Paige from Degrassi Next Generation cast member in it.. I was meeting them when one lady was taken by the worm that was making everyone else disappear.. causing people to scream and run, and then I'm like no no I'm gonna change that as if it was to disgusting and horrific ... so in a blink all seems back to normal the cast members are all still there, nobody is hurt or dead or disappeared and I'm talking to the girl from Degrassi asking if she was Paige. She said she did play as Paige. Then I went on saying that "Paige was a bit snotty in the beginning that people didn't like her much but as the script and story line involved she grew to be a likable person and a true friend" then she admits "I didn't like Paige at first either" and all I could do was smile with agreement then wake up lol..