Subway Sandwich and Making out

Date: 7/27/2017

By Amaya

I had just been coming from subway with my mom and my younger brother. we stopped by a school-like building where they ate their sandwiches but I was still waiting for mine to be delivered. When they finished their sandwiches they left me at the school with the keys for the car. I saw my friend Jenna and we talked for a little bit but she headed out. Then I realized I was wearing only a big sweater and underwear. I saw one of my good friends Jayden and immediately went to embrace him which he, at first, did not hug back. Soon he was holding my hands and he spun me around so my butt is against his crotch and he was doing a little dance that made me rub against him. We ended up making out. Later... it was dark outside and Jayden had left. I began making my way out of the building to the car. I noticed that there was still a group of girls inside the building which had Natalia Ana and Haley (Friends of mine). I could see and hear them through the glass windows. As I was coming out I passed a car whose door was abruptly opened by Haley's little sister. She had just woken up. We were talking and playing on my way to the car when two little boys started chasing us. We hid until one of them found us and he silently handed me my car keys. I made my way to the car and I don't know how but I ended up in the back seat with a baby driving and a guy who claimed to be in love with me in the passenger seat. The baby started driving but he was going incredibly fast so I tried to steer our way to safety. I didn't know which pedal was the gas or the brakes so I couldn't stop the car. We were off the road and zipping through trees when seconds before we were going to crash into a brick wall, the guy in the passenger seat pressed the brakes and we all flew out of the car into the grass. He got on his knees and proposed to me but he was insane and I was confused so I refused. He somehow convinced me to make out with him.