An Audition To Becoming an Actor

Date: 3/10/2017

By Finami

The University I am currently going to was on a school trip. We had taken a bus to a different auditorium. I guess this was to see where most plays took place historically. The teachers commented on the architecture and structure of the set on the stage. At the time this dream took place, I was not well known to people in the school. Many did not know each other in general and everyone was awkwardly spread about in the "one empty seat at a time" rule. I was located at the full front of the stage since I had come into the auditorium last. I tried moving to another place, but it was either at an odd angle or somewhere I couldn't see the stage. After the visual tour, the teachers called us to the backstage and organized us into different categories. I noticed a friend from high school was dividing into the same path as I was. We were the only ones available. Apparently, this had turned into an audition without my noticing. The two of us had to improv the best we could; we wanted to avoid the humiliation of not knowing what was happening. However, I did not put in my best effort. The thought of being chosen for an actual play had crossed my mind and I did not have any time to try because of both my classes and work schedule. I did not want anything additional interfering with my weekly plan. I was already stressed enough as it was. We both sang but I only accompanied her. Yet at some point, I had to take the lead as well, moving along the dialogue. The final part was climbing up a ladder, our professors waving us off to climb them all the way. This was a rope ladder that reached the ceiling. Here, I was height conscious since there was no place mat below me to cushion my fall. With both nerves at falling and being stared at, I steeled myself to climb it all the way to the top. There was even a hoop that we had to put our foot through while still having a grip on the ladder. I had attempted to try it but it did not fit. Instead, I made a loop of my own at the top by twisting the top of the rope ladder around my foot. It was a success. My friend had managed a duo with me, singing nonsense lyrics to the music in the background. Both of us never heard it before. We even made an improv where there was a bit of humor but the audience hadn't laughed. It was incredibly awkward. Finally, we knew it was over. I compared my performance and experience with my friend. She was most likely to get the part, to which I sighed in relief, thankful I was less likely to get chosen after all was said and done. I hadn't wanted to be in the play at all. Sure there was a desire, but I wasn't ready to take a commitment like that. I had other aspirations to chase.