Date: 1/26/2017

By Michael Stupski

I asked the girl from mock trial on a date and things went well. We kissed and all but nothing more. That day when I returned home for school a lockdown started. I was at home walking on the sidewalk and I saw a man with a gun shooting people on my street. I ran across the street into Ryans back yard and hid. I saw him look in our garage. I lt was night so I could see him hut he could not see me or so I thought. He turned and started running for me. I took of and jumped into the house next to me back yard and went over the fence. After this I entered a large wear house and the lockdown was still occuring. I ran through the warehouse and ended up in a very weary looking run way. There were cars and garbage bags on fire. I ran and hid behind a wood wall. People were shooting paintballs at the wall and I was confused. They said the shooter was getting closer so I hid untill it was over. The next day I was driving home and when we were almost home one of my friends said the lockdown had been reactivated. I speeded to my drive way and got out. I heard bullets bouncing of my truck I quickly ran into my house and reached to lock the door but it would not unlock I heard screaming outside and then my dream ended.