IHOP is Working for Telemarketers

Date: 4/5/2017

By seascarlet

I was called on my personal phone by a server ar IHOP. She was upset, and wanted to know why I hadn't answered the times before. "I'd appreciate it if you'd answer at the number you gave us", she said, "in case there's an emergency." I don't remember giving IHOP my phone number, or what emergency she could be referring to. "Well it's a lot easier to get in touch with me during the day on my work phone," I told her. I gave her the number and she put it in IHOP's computer system. Not long after, I started getting majorly harassed on my work phone by telemarketers. I knew IHOP had sold my work number out to them, and my personal number before that. I was really mad and wanted to confront the waitress about it. I imagined cussing her out. I answered my endlessly ringing phone and told the telemarketers to take me off their list, but it didn't work. I guess I shouldn't take it out on the IHOP lady, I thought. She was just doing her job and carrying out orders from above. It's not her fault. But yes it is, I thought. She shouldn't have tricked me into giving her my work number!