An Odd Dream

Date: 7/8/2017

By Avniel

I was playing this weird game with Some weird football players and l was playing some odd strategy game about grasslands and houses. I was in the living room and I scraped the side of my foot and I bleed a lot and for some reason no one noticed, I was listening to some top 10 about best actors and I was watching some Danganronpa V3 Stuff. After watching the top10 i decided to watch another one about making acount and the guy that one you had to make a second account to watch an episode. Later there was this railroad train thing that popped up out of nowhere and the only way for you to go there is to show the guard a card and many people started going on my living room. And before the train thing happen I was thinking of the multiple endings for GTA V and my own interpretation of them.