Murder cover up

Date: 4/15/2017

By sahilthapar

So me and my friends get caught doing something we are not supposed to be doing, I don't remember what it was. A friend of mine sees us and threatens to tell the cops. And all my friends about 4 guys and 2 girls, decide that the girl needs to be killed. I tell them not to do and convince them that it will make it only worse and they agree. A couple of days later they call me for a get together. When I get there, they've already killed that girl. And tell me that she had threatened again. I freak out and tell them we need to call the cops. But they convince me how that will screw up my life. So we decide to bury the body in an existing graveyard on top of another body. The cops start showing up a couple of days later. Asking questions about when was the last time we met her and all. My friends freak out when they are seen around the graveyard as well. They decide to move the body. I tell them repeatedly not to do that, as I feel that will be our undoing we will get caught moving the body. But they say it's not buried deep enough and the body smell will start leaking through the soil soon. This girl is my girlfriends friend and my girlfriend has no clue about this. She is scared and broken and crying to me about her going missing. And I feel guilt beyond measure. So these guys call me down to the graveyard and we move the body and dump it in the ocean. The police finds soil in the back of my car trunk and all these friends are now hinting towards the fact that I killed her. I am scared spitless and finally wake up.