Scary school project + my dad being annoying

Date: 7/23/2019

By Juniwhale

I was in some school with my old classmates. My teacher was this really chill guy named Mr. Waterhouse. Everyone had to make an animation project. It was Halloween time so the animation had to be scary. I made mine about a naked girl with long blue hair and pale skin. She could melt through the floors and she was evil. It had a very “upsideown stranger things” aesthetic with lots of red streaks of light and darkness. When it was done we had to get signature approvals from every classmate. Some guy also made a picture book about a turtle idk. Skipping to part 2 of dream I was watching some show with my older sister. I think It was about murder. My little brother(16) was sitting down with us. My dad came in and said we couldn’t watch that show. He’s pretty controlling about movies and shows. Im 18 and I don’t live my dad in real life so- he made my brother leave and I woke up. There was probably more to this dream but I can’t remember all the strange weird shit that breaks down in my subconscious.