The 3 Crazy Dreams I Had Last Night-Table of Contents

Date: 9/28/2019

By CalMehJuly

(1)Milkshakes-This is a loop...Why? ➕ Bonus Short Scene (9/28/19) it's out! (2) The Test Unfair- I take a stand for...(9/29/19) (2.5) Proposed- Who will I say yes to?(9/30/19) (3)Loop, Snake,Deal Vampire- I found a way to... Friends or Foe in the End? Should I write this dream?? I dont know the exact order of what I dreamed but I'll try to remember. I'll post the dreams one each day for the past 3 days. 😃😁😃 I'll edit this if I have any changes in mind. Thank you!