There's some hot guys in my dad's garage!

Date: 5/20/2017

By madnewman13😼

I was inside my house minding my own business. I had a sudden urge to go into my dad's garage. Inside was a working party of some kind where a bunch of men maybe in their mid twenties early thirties were there. Most of them were very ugly, though. Some of them had no hair and a big nose and others were just not attractive. But there were two hot guys there that I stared at the whole time. The one had dark, luscious hair and green eyes. The other I kind of forgot what he looked like but I knew he was hot. Anyways, I started lucid dreaming out of nowhere, so I wanted to ask the one hot guy to have sex. He was being a bitch to me, and making fun when I asked him. I got mad at him and was like, "screw you!" He was still hot. 😛