barnacle boy

Date: 8/3/2018

By Jenna_Winters

Okay so I was just in this random town and there was a man singing on this stage with an acoustic guitar Bob Dylan style ya know. Next thing he jumps off and walks up to me. He wasn't cute but dream me was like wow. Then he took his shirt of and half of his body was fine and tanned but the other half had barnacles and like boils and things on it. grotty. We then end up in the bath having sex what the fuck? *** Weird timeskip, i'm in my bathroom at his parents big house/hotel thing and my sink won't work so I go into his bathroom. I hear someone coming and think it's his dad so i'm like crap I gotta hide. I jump into the bath and close the curtains. Turns out it's just him and he takes his shirt of again. (what's with this guy?) and ALL OF HIS BARNACLES ARE GONE!!! Then he proceeds to get in the tub and we start to engage in sexual activities. I begin to rub myself on him and Pull down his pants when BOOM I wake up in bed with a really sore stomach.