A Salted

Date: 3/30/2017

By Dreaming Dust Fairy

Harriet Beard assaulted me sexually. She gave me too much to drink so now I can't​ remember what I studied in Shenley secondary school. She tried to give me a swirly. She had sex with my dad. She's a home-wrecker. She caused dad to relapse into alcohol. She's a fat, ugly, fan of Britney Spears. Britney Spears sold her eggs which dad bought online. The resemblance is a curse to me. It leads to assaults, kidnapping attempts and stalkers. People assume I wanna study 🎭performing arts, but I went to college to study fashion. The eggs were stored near a necular plant and anyway the radiation caused me to mutant. It was not obvious but I meow occasionally and 👀 seeing colours on a four wheel spectrum.