hunt for the clown

Date: 8/3/2017

By crossheartcat

i was in a small town, we were hunting a killer clown that has been on a spree. a few of us even dressed up as clowns to lure him out. until we get to this one house where we think hes hiding out in. we go in, and slowly search the place together as a group in a scanning formation. in the corner of my eye I see a clown that was moving the opposite of where were going through the house. i glance over twice but thought that that was part of my group. we open every door we came accross but we found nothing. the next day in a town meeting as we were doscussing what else we can do to hunt this guy, I realise what had happened the night before and panicly explain to my friend. we were dreading the return of the clown.