Killing Tattoo Curse

Date: 3/10/2017

By peachkeedi

Cringe warning: blood and curses I was the mike from stranger things and I was with 8 or so guy friends that were my age (10 years old). Something in my early dream that I don't remember happened and I had gotten cursed somehow. We all went to a theme park that was closed and one of the kids flew off of a ride and hit his head killing him. When we went to investigate we saw a tattoo on his chest had appeared. We opened his shirt and it was two fists holding a sword that went down to his stomach. We were then at a picnic where one of the kids was poisoned. The tattoo appeared on his chest too as we saw him get taken away. Cut to Dr house in my parents house. A woman came in looking for him to see if he could solve the curse. For some reason he had no interest in helping and tried to get away. He locked himself in the bathroom and crawled out the window. As he left he turned into a dog and ran away. Cut back to us kids who hadn't died yet, in an abandoned indoor water park. By this time I knew something was up and we were cursed. There were 5 of us left and everyone wanted to go on the slides. I already knew one of us died in the rafters that day and I was not taking the risk so I left. They split up into two groups and went up identical slides, two people going at once. Of the other two, one was ginger and the other was wearing elf ears. After they went down, the kids ran down to see them only to find their backs and chests covered in blood and skinned from the dry slide. They flipped them over and saw the same tattoos as before. Then I woke up.