Date: 3/28/2017

By RinTheMood

So there was a museum in town, supposedly the Smithsonian. Everyone was eager to go, and lines were long. By presenting ID, you could get prescriptions filled at the gate. (Say what?) The first time I went was just for a few minutes. Entry was $17. A friend of mine wound up working one of the counters, and I left. The second time I went was with someone's family, I think my boss'? But he and his family were completely different in the dream. We went and often got separated. I left my ID in the car and couldn't get heartworm medicine, not that I had any use for it. My other boss tried to kidnap me in the parking lot. I ran, and she got into much trouble. There was something about painting as well. I think among the items I brought and left in the car was my art supply box. I then thought my girlfriend had taken my new shoes, but the size was too small (though I'm pretty sure her feet are bigger IRL). Finally, I reconciled with my best friend over a chat program. There was something about traveling at night by bus through the forest. I can't quite remember where it went, but it also wound up on city streets somehow.