Xxxtentacion Dream

Date: 2/22/2019

By dwalyn

Ok so I don’t remember much but I know I was with 3 people and one of of them was Xxxtentacion except I kept calling him by his real name but his last name which is Onfroy but sometimes by his first name which is Jahseh. Anyways I think one of the girls was younger and then the other guy was older and Jahseh was my age for some reason. Anyways there were people trying to get us and pretty much the dream was us running from them. But early in the dream the two other people got separated from me and Jahseh so it was just me and Jahseh trying to stay away from the people. Then there was this part where we were in a really narrow maze and we had to turn side ways to walk and we fell on each other and it was like some romantic moment and then we started dating. Anyways there was a scene where we came out of the maze and we were in a room with a bunch of people from my church including Makayla and her family. But then the church people were part of the people we were running from so me and Jahseh took off running and then Makayla blocked the hallway and then it was like Jahseh had powers because he like made her catch on fire and fall over and burn up and we kept running and we ran into a sort of reptile room like in A Series of Unfortunate Events and then we pulled ourselves up into the ceiling and we had to crawl out of the building and we were in this field and we laid down and rolled over and looked at each other and then everything went black.