flippin dem bird

Date: 8/2/2017

By emmacoons

the setting was sunny, cassity, reagan, sonya and i were just inside wilderness turning onto yelm hwy in wanda. as we were driving up to turn out of my neighborhood, we passed by this one car who was blasting music and smoking. a pedestrian walked by trying to hit on me, but i kept flipping him off.  this guy looked that the one at the well who was getting hyphy with us. as he was engaging with me i rolled up my window, then he moved over to reagan's window (sitting in the back left) and she rolled hers up to. i was still flipping him off. he was getting more and more angry that we were ignoring him. he clombed on top of the car from the back and started jumping on it, then the guys from the other far came and sizzled him down.