The Casino Girlfriend

Date: 3/30/2019

By NMCProductions

My mum’s sister (my aunt of course), my mum, my dad, my brother and myself were all on the way to a nursing home where in the dream, my Nanny lived (in real life she passed away on 22 December 2013). We decided first to go to a nearby casino for some dinner and a bit of a gamble (we must’ve been visiting my Nanny close to dinnertime?). We arrive at the casino, which in the dream is surrounded by paddocks. We park where everyone else seems to have and everyone besides myself and my brother enter the casino. I stay behind to change from my boat shoes to my R. M. Williams boots. A girl notices me nearby and starts up a conversation. “Pretty cold out hey?” she says, “Yeah bloody freezing, just changing into my boots” I respond. In real life I am 16 but in the dream I estimate that I am about 18-20 and this lady is probably 25. My brother entered the casino basically as soon as I started putting on my shoes. When I’m putting on my shoes, the lady was getting something out of her early-2000s looking Toyota RAV4, which looked to be a jumper. The lady and I stayed and talked for a few minutes, really hitting it off and for some unknown reason, for a very lucky Nick, we walked into the casino hand-in-hand. The seemingly very entrepreneurial lady started with only a $2 coin in a pokie machine and was up into the hundreds now. She soon gave me all of her social media account names so we could get in touch afterwards and she told me her name, ‘Careene’, which later in the dream turned into ‘Nick Careene’ (she told me it was short for Nicki) which is funny considering my name is Nick Cronin.. (Brain, do you have some explaining to do? Yes.) So Nicki and I played the pokies for a while, getting a fair sum of money and then we played the arcade games in the kids section for ages, where I then pecked her on the cheek and I then started kissing her on the mouth; she responded “Is that where this is going?” And gave me a wink and I said “Oh yes it is, babe” and we started making out; yes, we were very much a couple by this point. Afterwards we played the machines for a bit longer, had a few more drinks and I called it a night. I tried to find Nicki’s car so I could note the rego, etc but couldn’t find the car. I started going around asking people leaving the casino if they’d seen Nick Careene’s car (as if they’d bloody know, Mr Cronin!) and I soon encountered trouble. I asked the lady in the passenger seat (for some reason, though, it was a left-hand-drive car) of a 2000s Ford Falcon if she’d seen my girl’s car and her husband, the driver, flipped me the bird while driving off at high speed. I flipped him the bird back and screamed at the top of my lungs, “FUCK YOU, YOU BASTARD!!!!”. The Falcon then slammed on the brakes and was coming back towards me. I pushed my way through a ditch where, happily for me, I found a car wreck which I could hide from him in. I hid behind the car and when he came over the tree-lined ditch to get me, I was gone. The angry guy actually helped the bleeding man involved in the crash, out of the car and to safety, which allowed me to safely leave the crash scene and I guess go back to find my car/family who never second guessed where I was the whole time, but that’s when I woke up, haha! Just to also give some context, in the dream Nicki was an extremely hot, pretty short, very skinny, blonde girl with blueish-green eyes and a fair few body piercings (including a tongue piercing which I love and felt when kissing her). Also in the dream, Nicki told me that she does social media marketing. She was driving a 2000s Toyota RAV4 and I, seemingly, was driving myself and my family around in a 2000s Subaru Outback or Liberty or something.