A War with Trust

Date: 2/2/2017

By CatHunter

I had a dream where there was a disease that slowly turned people into ash and making them lose their mind during the process. There were also these huge monsters that walked the planet making it unsafe to go outside; especially at night. From what i can remember, my mom and sister died from the disease but my dad and myself were somehow immune and became very good at fighting back monsters. we eventually became the town heroes who protected the town whenever new monsters popped up. we also eventually met up with my cousins who helped us fight monsters for a short while but then they mysteriously disappeared. One day while i was in my room, i found a note apparently from my cousins asking if I was bored. I was confused and payed no attention to it at first but then i realized that the note was most likely in my room because my cousins snuck into the house to place it there so maybe they'll come back to see my reply so i began to write my reply saying I wasn't bored but scared as hell. Just as i was about to finish my reply. my cousin taps on my bedroom window and tells me that my dad is not to be trusted and that he is actually infected with the mysterious disease and is slowly going insane and will kill me one day. Now I saw no signs of this whenever i was with my dad so I was very doubtful but they eventually made me believe them. as I was talking to them thrlugh the window, my dad appears in my doorway and sees my cousin. He looks relieved and tells her to come back inside the house but then she runs off. I decide to play along and act shock that my cousin was at my window while I crumpled the note in my hands and stuffed it in the sleeve of my shirt. when my cousin left I had this feeling telling me I was in danger so I decided to act panicked and told my dad I would get out of the house to chass her down. my dad agrees and lets me out. my cousins were waiting for me with the car door open so I just dove into the car as they sped off. I looked back and just saw my dad's figure getting smaller and smaller as we drove farther away. he didn't even give chase because he knew it was hopeless. meanwhile my cousins were all celebrating about their accomplishment but I sat there in silence wondering if I actually made the right choice. and then I woke up.