Fighting, My Crush, and Fire Alarm

Date: 4/10/2017

By exhailing-bittersweet

For some reason I was going to this type of class that looked like JROTC. There was one girl who was showing aggression towards me so we started fighting. My crush asked me to borrow a backpack for some reason. I have a spare one which is clear, has stickers, and a bow on it. I gave that one to him and he said thanks and put his things in it. He was at my house so he put the backpack down and left the room. I wanted to go through his stuff but I didn't let myself. Instead, I put a note in it saying “you're cute :)”. I was in my house and all of the sudden a fire alarm goes off. Me and my cousins run downstairs to escape (each of us carrying a baby cousin). I was holding Cameela trying to find a way to escape. There was no fire though so theoretically I was running from an irrational fear.