Halloween Festival Gone Wrong

Date: 4/25/2017

By Kazuko

I found myself standing on the sidewalk. The sky was growing dark, the street lights turning on and the large houses around me switching their porch light on. Looking down, I was holding a baby in my arms. A small baby girl, wearing a warm white blanket around her. I glanced back up, watching as people walked their children along the sidewalks. Oddly enough, people crowded the street more than the pavement. The people with children hurried along, walking fast for trick or treaters who got out early. "WATCH OUT!" A man screamed as everyone suddenly went into panic. I held the baby to my chest, standing still as people ran all around me in every direction. The cold, crisp October air blew through my hair, making me shiver as my anxiety worsened. A large majority of people ran toward where my back was facing. Screams and children crying all around filled my ears. A large-built man stopped a meter or so from me, "Get that baby out of here!" He yelled, a look of fear on his face. I frowned, "I don't know who's she is! And what the hell is going on?!" I asked. The man ran to me, grabbing my shoulders, "She's coming, you've got to move!" He said. I frowned, "Who-" A huge vehicle drove through, a mixture of different trucks, building machines, and cars mixed together in the design. It towered over the three of us, screeching down the road as people on the street split to avoid getting hit. The man and I watched the truck race down the road and around the corner, disappearing from sight. "If you don't know who's baby it is, I think a kid like you would have it easier not dealing with a baby." The man said, motioning to himself. I nodded, handing him the infant. He held her to his chest, "They're headed to the festival. Stay clear of it, they're going all out this time." He said before turning. I frowned, "What do you mean? Who is? And what's this about 'this time'?" He turned his head, "Today is more than one holiday now," He started, "Little kids and the very elderly are protected, but everyone able to fend for themselves are available for hunt." He said quickly. "After children get candy, the big boys come out to play. You'll get killed if you try to play along, so just lay low." He said before suddenly running off. Once the man vanished, I turned back toward where the truck went. People continued to run away from the area, screaming and crying. But, a few people walked toward it. "It's worth a shot.." I started down the sidewalk, toward the truck's area. People yelled to stop and turn around, but I ignored their please. As I grew closer to the corner, lights began to appear more and more. Once I turned the corner, I seen the festival the man spoke of. Huge yellow tinted tents stood in rows on the sidewalks, lit up by candles and such. People everywhere wore costumes similar to that of clothes of the Renaissance. Me included. I quickly made my way around a tent so that I stood behind it. I wedged myself between the fabric and the wooden gate that stood behind it. As I positioned myself, I noticed my foot step onto something. A long, sky blue whip sat on the grass. It had one handle and two 'whip' parts coming from the two ends. The ends of each whip had a single blade on it, which resembled that of a razor. I looked around before picking it up. Stepping out from the tent, I held the whip up. Practicing a bit, I found that it was a bit difficult to wield, but I never harmed myself trying to use it so it didn't matter. At least I had a weapon. I looked toward the road, seeing that a woman was holding a man down with her booted foot. She knelt on the ground, unshielding her sword before plunging it into the man's back, making his scream out in pain. By now, several fights broke out around the tents. But, something about that woman rung a bell. I looked down at the whip I had before looking up to see a man running up to me. He held a knife in his hand, aiming it at me as he neared. Using my whip, I slashed his cheek while the other side wrapped around his arm, digging the blade into his skin. As he came even closer, I put a leg up, kicking him back, making him fall onto the ground. He continued to fight, ending with us rolling on the ground as I tried to avoid his knife. My whip had been hit away from me, making it difficult to do any damage. I growled, managing to kick him off of me. He grunted as he fell back once again, dropping his knife. I leaned over, grabbing my whip before going to him. He snarled at me, watching as I placed my knee on his chest and grabbed his knife. I panted from the fight, now exhausted. I held up the knife, slamming it onto his skull, hearing a small *crunch*. My eyes widened as I realised what I'd done. The woman who was fighting before seemed to notice, having walked over to me. She smirked, "So.. I assume you're new to this?" She asked. I slowly looked up to her. She chuckled, "I'll take that as a yes." She smiled. Walking around me, she leaned down and took the knife from his head. I flinched, unsure if she was going to use it on a newbie like me. She took a rag from her pocket, whipping the blade off and looked at it in the light of a tent. "How about a trade." She asked. I raised a brow, "As in?" "I want a fight. No killing, but a spar. It'll keep people off of both of us while honing skills." She explained. I nodded, "I'm listening.." "In the end, whoever tires out first loses. You win, I give you my sword and I take your knife. I win, I take your whip and you take my dagger. For you, it would be a win-win." She said. I frowned, "I don't know.. I-" The woman before me was suddenly stabbed in the back, her own sword going through her chest. I gasped, covering my mouth as her legs shook. A bit of blood spilt from her mouth before she fell, the murder pulling the sword out as she did so. A tall, slim, and beautiful woman stood behind the girl's body. Her long black hair tied up in a ponytail. I snapped out of it, taking my whip in my grip and 'readying' myself. The woman rolled her eyes at me, suddenly tossing the sword's blade into the dirt next to the man I'd fended off's body. "I seen you fight. Meet me by town square." She said blankly, turning and walking away. I blinked as I watched her walk. Was she the one with the truck that the man had warned me about? I put my hand on the handle of the sword, taking it from the ground.