Crush on a guy who spoke Spanish

Date: 5/28/2017

By sleepdebtfairy

In this dream I had a crush on a guy I was acquainted with who was in a band, I think we were in the same band or his band was working with an organization I was part of? He mostly spoke Spanish and some broken English. In real life I'm learning Spanish, so in the dream I was speaking with him in Spanish and English. He was really thin and reminded me of one of the cartoon band members from Gorillaz? Even though in real life that doesn't seem super attractive to me, but that's the best translation I can think of. He was tall and thin and had dark hair. I remember us talking about when we could rehearse together. He worked a lot, and was only free on Tuesday evenings so I was trying to change my schedule to hang out with him. I definitely had a crush on him but it was hard to tell how he felt about me. He was definitely affectionate/warm towards me and seemed to appreciate when I spoke to him in Spanish. He mostly seemed kind of busy with working a lot, and really tired.