gun shot

Date: 1/30/2017

By mr2thomas

I was technically at school and had a gun but it really wasn't school. went outside and me and some guy (seemed like the teacher) wanted to do a shooting comp. we took turns shooting and I was winning. MD and a large crowd was there. I remember my palms being sweaty and I kept having to regrip and re aim for my last shot. it was my turn to shoot the next/last shot. I aimed for the side of a brick wall due to sweaty be palms after a bunch of people were distracting and interrupting me. i saw someone in a red polo like crouched down near my point of aim. some dirty blond long hair surfer dude. shot, hit the wall over his head and he looked up almost as if he didn't notice. he exams the wall. walks over to the large group of people. turns out he has a badge necklace and is a cop. he asks our large group who fired a gun. he was partially unsure it happened yet very confident. I begin stressing out about going to jail. I decide to walk away and go hide to avoid getting in trouble. I hide in a room (kinda just suddenly appeared in one) and was scared of getting in trouble or the group snitching on me. I convince myself that the large group wouldn't snitch as it was an illegal meeting/gathering. I am still worried and tell myself it's a dream and that I won't really get in trouble. I think logging my dream makes me realize when something bad happens it's a dream and it can't be real. I do realize it but instead of going into lucid, all I can think about is waking up and logging this dream to tell Jenney and Minh. I'm anxious to log it so I don't forget it. now I'm in a dark downtown area. almost like a brother. it's like a tour and the crowd is taking me around to two places and people are explaining what the place is. I'm annoyed because all I want to do is log this dream before I forget. I finally wake up. I snooze my alarm twice and now I'm writing this and remember alot of the details as I'm writing. the most difficult part is putting into words the complexity of emotion I was feeling at the time of the dream. maybe next time I'll actually lucid upon realization that it is a dream. I'm glad I logged this tho.