High School

Date: 8/10/2017

By diesellady80

I was sleeping in my old room in MI and I heard a knock. I remembered it was Derek C picking me up at 7 am for school but we were all late it was 10:30 on the first day The knock woke up my mom dad and Vincent Myles was there but a teen I was rushing to pick out clothes My jeans were too big around the waist so I rolled them I found a pink shirt but it was inside out so I struggled with it until it was right Ran out to the kitchen & grabbed by back pack when I realized I hadn't done any of my summer work. Oh well Derek, Craig & pub were all waiting in my current white mini van 1/2 way in the garage. I climbed into through the back driver door but up to shotgun Earlier... In the library ducked down the last isle and motioned for 'Keith?' To follow I wanted to tell him a secret about someone but he moved me so I wasn't under some scary/weird books (Maybe trav spic's face on Keith)