Paralysis Nightmares

Date: 3/24/2017

By lisadanielle

last night I had other Paralyzed sleep this time it was really bad I couldn't wake up or move, scream, cry nothing didn't come out of my mouth. The worst thing about having Paralyzed sleep is I can't remember my nightmare was about how hard I tried to remember more stressed I get so I can write this in my dream journal and put this on my dream wall. some nightmares I can remember some I can't remember and I get upset not remembering what happened in my nightmares maybe this a good thing not to remember my Paralysis sleep because it could be to frightening to remember nightmares to write every details of my nightmares that causes Paralysis sleep. I not sure what this nightmare about I going to try to do my best remember what this nightmare that cause Paralysis to happened I thank this about being chase by evil demons and evil spirits I don't remember sorry about this that all I can remember. sorry that I can't remember what happened in my paralysis sleep this is so hard for because I always remember my dreams and nightmares.