kidnapped by a creepy pedo

Date: 3/24/2017

By maddieb

so I was kidnapped by a youngish looking man and he was trying to make it seem like a nice place. I wasn't the only one there. he let me keep my phone but it would be watched under constant supervision.y phone was taped. my little sister who is only 9 was there to and a few other people I know and I wanted to escape witj out bringing attention to my self. I tried to climb the fence but he had hired a lady to sit there with a gun and shoot anyone who tried to get over. in the middle us to escape he made us watch male strippers and put money in there pants. later I tried to get out via a window but it had a very strong metal covering it. I eventually was able to climb out another way and only me and my friend could get out. the younger children couldn't escape. the house lead to a part that I know very well and for some reason mum and dad where there. I freaked out snd gave them lots of hugs. my sister some how got out and we went home. dad was making us dinner and there was a knock at the door. I walked out of my room the see the man shooting the bathe back door but it not getting through. somehow him and a few more people including me 28 year old brother entered my house and stared to try and make us come with them. I didn't and it skips to a little later. I have a new phone now and I'm on snapchat. I'm getting logs of welcome back message. all I remember after this is being very scared.