Sneak Out

Date: 8/21/2019

By UniqueStarque

I woke up from my 6am alarm to pray, but fell back asleep and had this dream... I got out of bed and went to the lounge area on our dorm floor and surprisingly found a bunch of girls (maybe20) gathered and whispering. I soon found out they were going to sneak out of the dorm and go out, which was against the rules. One girl in particular was trying to convince me to go out with them, but I told her that I can't because it's not a very Christian-like thing to do. She seemed a bit offended, bothered and sad at the same time. I try to explain to her that I wasn't attacking her, this is just how I personally feel. Eventually she decides she doesn't want to go either, because her Christian conscience got to her. But I got caught with the girls anyway, the only one that got caught and I was in trouble. But then the rest of the girls bailed me out, explaining I hadn't done anything. So I got out of trouble.