My Sister Thought My Dad Was A Racist

Date: 9/12/2019

By dmarks563

So the dream starts out like any other dream, be simply being in a place. I remember what I’m wearing which was like khaki paints and a red flannel, but barely. From what I remember, it starts with my dad yelling at my mom like he was trying to get her to help with something, such as lifting a heavy object, but she was having a hard time so he was getting upset. I remember from her running into the little wooden shed that they were in, which was roughly in the location of my church’s storage garage. I go in and I’m upset because he was angry, and I fill in the job for both of them. Next scene is I’m in a crowded public church or something and I’m doing the job still, but it’s clearly out of place because a service is going on. Anyways, he comes into the church and just kind of takes what I was working on, which was breaking up these little circular green plastic things for some reason. He also hits my shoulder and then just walks past. The idea here is that he had no regard for me doing the job that I took to do for myself from him. Anyways, I’m so angry that this happens that I storm out and I’m thinking about breaking his headlights. I remember thinking that specifically. I end up outside the church in what looked like the backside of the church I grew up in where I find my sister, Anna, who is somewhat distraught. She proceeds to tell me that she thinks my dad is racist, because he always gets angry when she does something, but then I ask her why he would adopt and Asian and a black person if he was racist. And that’s where the dream ends.