Date: 5/20/2019

By nikkiclarke

So I was just hanging out at lunch I think with my mom and brother. I came home and fell asleep. Then I started another dream. the second dream was weird. I was swimming in a pool, people were out to kill me, and I murdered someone. I finally “woke” from that dream to find myself in the first one again but it was so normal I thought I was awake. It wasn’t till my brother mentioned I was dreaming that I realized I was still dreaming. I tried to wake myself up but I couldn’t and I freaked out. So this made the dream weird. Everything morphed, went black and white and monsters and creatures everywhere. I was finally able to wake myself up by whispering “this is a dream wake up” over and over again because I talk in my sleep and I was able to hear my voice and focus on that to wake me up.